Turning a New Leaf
Featuring the Art of the Chatham Artists Guild (CAG)

This fall, The Frame & Print Shop is honored to exhibit the art of The Chatham Artists Guild (CAG) as they prepare for their 31st Annual Studio Tour which takes place the first two weeks in December 2023. The Guild’s Annual Studio Tour is their signature event. It is one of the oldest in the State, a prototype for other area studio tours, and a highly respected art venue. This exhibit includes artwork from 25 of the guild’s artists. CAG’s mission is to raise awareness of the arts, create connections among artists, and educate and cultivate new artists and patrons in the community. For more information about CAG and their Annual Studio Tour please visit https://chathamartistsguild.org/studio-tour/

Exhibit runs September 28th – October 27th

Join us for an opening reception, September 28th, 6-8pm.

Featured Artists of the Chatham Artists Guild

Vidabeth Bensen printmaking
Daphne Boder painting (pastel) https://chathamartistsguild.org/artists/daphne-boder/
Bridgette Comellas drawing (pastel)
Cally Curtis Silk Floral Designs https://chathamartistsguild.org/artists/cally-curtis/
Timothy Dowdall photography https://chathamartistsguild.org/artists/timothy-dowdall/
Katy Flood drawing/painting https://chathamartistsguild.org/artists/kathy-flood/
Minnie C. Gallman photography
Sarah Graham painting (acrylic) https://chathamartistsguild.org/artists/sarah-graham/
Karen Greager painting (watercolor)
Louise Hobbs ceramics/glass https://chathamartistsguild.org/artists/louise-hobbs/
Nancy Ann Moore painting (watercolor)
Selden Lamoureux ceramics (clay)
Jody Nash painting (pastels) https://chathamartistsguild.org/artists/jody-nash/
Steevie Parks Painting (oil) https://chathamartistsguild.org/artists/steevie-parks/
Boots Quimby painting (Acrylic) https://chathamartistsguild.org/artists/steevie-parks/
Eric Saunders digital photography https://chathamartistsguild.org/artists/eric-saunders/
Diane Swan mixed media woodwork https://chathamartistsguild.org/artists/diane-swan/
Amy Wandless ceramics https://chathamartistsguild.org/artists/amy-wandless/
Greg Wandless woodworking https://chathamartistsguild.org/artists/greg-wandless/
Karen West painting https://chathamartistsguild.org/artists/karen-west/