april/may 2023 Art Exhibit


featuring the art of Ukrainian Artist Anatolii Tarasiuk

The Frame & Print Shop is honored to present an exhibition showcasing Anatolii Tarasiuk and his original art, which he was able to save and bring to the United States when he and his family had to flee his hometown of Kiev almost a year ago in the summer of 2022. He and his family now live in Hillsborough, North Carolina where Anatolii has been able to continue his painting and gain the support of the local art community. Please see below to learn more about Anatolii, his life, family and career as an artist, videographer and composer

Exhibit runs April 6th – May 26th, 2023

Meet the Artist

Anatolii Tarasiuk

Anatolii Tarasiuk is an abstract artist, composer and videographer born Ukraine in 1978. When he was 11 years of age, he became a pantomime actor in a professional theater. He started to paint when he was 15 years old and is a self-taught artist. In the summer 2022, his family (wife and 3 sons) relocated from Kiev, Ukraine to North Carolina. Today he lives and continues his art in Hillsborough, North Carolina and is very excited to connect with the local art community.

Tarasiuk’s art style is abstract expressionism with lots of color. He likes to use the palette knife because it draws more on spontaneity and pushes him farther beyond all that is known. He never has a plan or image in mind for the work when he starts. He flows and creates with whatever comes up without judgment and keeps going until it is the eye and not the mind that finally tells him that a piece is done. His biggest inspiration is that his art will project feelings of joy and hope to each viewer.

Art lovers from around the world have purchased his art for their private collections to include the United States, Canada and England. To see more of Anatolii Tarasiuk’s art please visit @tarasiuk.art on instagram. His music is also available on YouTube.com by searching Anatolii Tarasiuk.

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