What is Drymounting?

How Drymounting Works

Dry mounting is a common method for the frameless presentation of almost anything on paper.  The process involves permanently adhering artwork to an acid-free foamcore backing to quickly achieve a beautifully wrinkle-free look.  Dry mounting can dramatically improve the overall stability for thin or wrinkled artwork and allow for easier viewing, display and handling.

What Can Be Drymounted?

  • posters of all sizes
  • photographs
  • laminated posters
  • photo copies
  • newspapers
  • children’s art
  • maps
  • some textiles and canvasses
  • diplomas and documents

Other Services

Mat and Glass Replacements
Accidents happen and we are here to help! We can help clean up the frame and touch up any existing damage, replace the glass, update the mats, and refit your piece to get it back on your wall in no time.

Frame Repair
Still love the look of Great Aunt Margie’s hand-me-down frame, but not crazy about the scratches and loose joints? We can help breathe new life into your existing frames that need a little TLC. Whether your frame needs a few touch-ups here and there or could use more intensive treatment, we can handle almost anything! Bring your piece in to the Frame & Print Shop and our expert framers will gladly take a look and see what can be done to renew your frame. We can even custom cut fresh glass and new mats using all acid-free archival materials to bring new life to your art.